In the first step, 13 stakeholder and 9 customer interviews were conducted with relevant people in EMEA.
The interviews served to create the personas and to develop the customer journeys, which were further developed after the completion of the personas so that they fit the perspective of a persona and the corresponding scenario. The various journeys were initially created digitally and then printed out for further processing in physical workshops. After printing out the journey, there was also an eye opener how big the journey was in reality, because here we had partially more than 4 meters.
Future Journeys/ Opportunity evaluation grid
In the further procedure, various future journeys were created from the generated opportunities and the first epics were classified according to effort and benefit using an opportunity evaluation grid.
In the second step, a playbook containing the relevant practices such as Recruitment of interview partners, creation of an interview questionnaire, conduct of the interviews, creation of personas, customer journey mapping, etc., and this was offered as trainings.
Further interviews were then conducted with various departments to determine whether overarching archetypes exist or should be created.

Creation of interview guidelines
Conducting interviews
Creation of customer journeys
Playbook creation
Workshop preparation as well as facilitating.
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